The 2012 Canadian Kettlebell National Champion, Ameer Rosic, had the know-how and energy to teach busy professionals how to get in to good physical condition in only 15 minutes a day. Rosic had the muscles and the mind, but what he was missing was a creative writer and editor that could transform his muscle-building info into a cutting edge and easy to read workbook.

The SSW team has been known to pump some iron, so we grabbed our workout clothes and our laptops and got busy. We helped Rosic define and explain each kettlebell movement and crafted a cool looking and easy to use 8 week workout plan. 

Rosic’s book, Kettlebell Advantage: Cutting Edge Fitness in 15 Minutes, is now for sale at both Barnes and Noble.com and Amazon.com. 

Thrilled with our creativity and our stick-to-itiveness, Rosic immediately rehired Short   and Sweet Writers to spruce up and edit his “100 Ways to Not Succeed in Life,” a funny, inspiring and sometimes sarcastic look at the many ways people find to mess up their lives.


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