Rave Reviews


Short and Sweet Writers *live* for client feedback. Here are a few of our favorite client reviews:

“Amazing talent, thoughtful, 3 steps ahead…. what more could anyone  require in a writer?”  — Tom, Raw Gaia


“I really like your warm writing style and the fluidity of the article. You know, this article is one I can truly say the author had something relevant to say, and not just “fluff,” for the sake of stuffing it with empty words. Thank you for this.” — Rhoda B.

“Perfect in every way, Lacey far exceeded expectations to come up with something quite incredible. I’ve never worked with a writer like her and she certainly has a gift we will be making the most of for a long time to come. She also takes feedback brilliantly and actually gave us more content than we asked for. 110% recommended.” — Tom, Raw Gaia

“My book is everything I hoped for…” — Michael S.



“Lacey did a wonderful job taking my ideas and content and putting them into a easy read for my viewers. The finished product was flawless. I will be using her company’s service again in the near future.”   Oliver Jordan, Excelerate Sports 


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