Translate your brilliant ideas into words…

                                  … and get your message out!


We are crafty freelance writers, and our words work.


Solve your crises of content creation.

Abolish the blah from your business copy. 

Move your marketing from meh to *marvelous*.


Do you dream of writing a book? A blog? We’ll coach you through it or compose it for you, and we’ll do it with style.  


Our clients are:

  • Innovative small business owners who want to make a world-rocking impact.
  • Daring entrepreneurs with a cutting edge message.
  • Wanna-be authors in need of a ghostwriter, writing consultant or coach.
  • Cash-strapped start-ups in need of budget-conscious writers.

If you have something important to say, Short and Sweet Writers will help you say it with flair. 


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