Your project. Your voice. Your name.

As ghostwriters, we specialize in getting to know you, stepping into your world, and adopting your vocabulary and style.

This allows us to write with your unique voice and promote your brand.

(And no one will guess that you didn’t write it yourself!)

Your voice is your brand.

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Who needs a ghostwriter?

  • Solopreneurs whose face, personality, and style is the brand of the company.

  • Personality-centered business in which one person and one style is the face of the company.

  • Highly stylized businesses.

  • Hopeful authors who want help with a writing project that will be published under the client’s name.

  • Do you have a book trapped inside of you that you just can’t get out? Ghostwriting is for you!

You have something important to say. Let us help you say it well.