Raw Gaia Branding concept

Raw Gaia Branding Concept:

The Mother-Earth goddess, Gaia, was often depicted by the ancient Greeks with long flowing hair, and her belly extended in the fullness of pregnancy with the Earth. One of her arms is outstretched toward the infants and beasts that surround her.  The other hand grasps a ripe pomegranate.  Plump with hundreds of juicy red seeds, the pomegranate was considered an aphrodisiac by the Ancients and it was commonly used in art as a symbol of female sexuality and verdant fecundity. The goddess Gaia represents a fruitful land that effortlessly supports and nourishes life and health.

Inspired by the wisdom of Gaia, we capture life-infused plant nectars at their ripest to create magical elixirs that nourish our bodies and souls. Perfectly potent in their raw state, the plants’ powerful essences and oils are extracted by the gentlest of methods.  Our products are pure, powerful and proven.  If botany hasn’t named it, we don’t use it.

Beauty cannot come from a laboratory; it is every female’s birthright and the blessing of nature.  Beauty is the insignia of the spark of divinity in our souls.  When a woman fans that divine-spark into a hot fire, the radiant light reveals her gorgeous inner-goddess. 

Thus, we at Raw Gaia do not ask “What will make us beautiful?”  Instead we ask, “How do we tend to the beauty that is ours?”  Let Raw Gaia’s raw organic oils, essences, floral waters, and butters tend to your beauty and let your inner-goddess shine.

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