SSW Tackles an NCAA Recruiting Guide with Oliver Jordan

Get Your Head in the Game!

Oliver Jordan, the president and founder of Excelerate Sports, designs customized performance training programs for up and coming student athletes to boost their competitive edge. Many of his young clients dream of playing collegiate sports but are daunted and confused by the murky recruiting process. All too often, these talented kids are left sitting on the sidelines.

Motivated to help, Jordan set out to write a book to fully explain the recruiting process.

An award-winning and record-holding running back himself, Jordan carried his book idea downfield and inside the 20 yard line. But, he needed some help driving the book into the end zone. He recruited Short and Sweet Writers to his team and handed off his book to us.

We proudly donned Team Jordan jerseys and hunkered down to work. Our game winning strategy: fine tune the wording and organization of the information, add eye-catching images and formatting, and transform it all into a published book.

Short and Sweet Writers delivered a big play for our team with Get Your Head in the Game! Playbook for College-bound Athletes, available at Barnes and Noble’s online bookstore.


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