SSW Creates Content for Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

When Raw Gaia needed some help with its seasonal marketing copy, it turned to Short and Sweet Writers.

Tom and Jessica Fenton, the hip and sophisticated owners of Raw Gaia, challenged us to create a new and compelling tone for their seasonal marketing campaign exploring the fertile symbolism behind the company name and its squeaky clean manufacturing and marketing ethic. As the world’s first source for organic and living skin care,  it was vital for Short and Sweet Writers to channel the perfect voice and prose worthy of these fabulously potent products.

Tapping into our inner-goddess, we delivered  Autumn Secrets for Abundant Beauty, with a rich and sassy new voice for Raw Gaia along with tips for gorgeous skin featuring its amazing product line.  Delighted, the Raw Gaia team raved about our work.

The Goddess Gaia herself must have fated this perfect and powerful business relationship; we had a blast working with Raw Gaia and they love our work. Short and Sweet Writers looks forward to serving Raw Gaia in the future and watching its sales skyrocket.

The graphic designer for the autumn eBook project was Bogdan Oprisan of A Fresh Image.  Oprisan brilliantly matched Raw Gaia’s new marketing tone with sophisticated and eye-catching images cleverly promoting Raw Gaia’s products and ethos.


Raw Gaia: Dare to Go Bare

When the seasons change  our skin care needs change, too. So, once again, Raw Gaia looked to Short and Sweet Writers to deliver concept and copy for their Winter 2011 campaign.

With the intent to educate and entertain while increasing sales, SSW took cues from the naked-faced models gracing the world’s runways for winter and presented Raw Gaia with a Dare to Go Bare campaign.

We selected 5 Raw Gaia clients from around the world to highlight in the ebook as Raw Gaia’s Bare Beauties; real life women who, thanks to Raw Gaia products, have such beautiful skin that they dared to be photographed without a trace of makeup.

Channeling the Goddess, we crafted tips and tricks for keeping skin healthy in drying winter weather using Raw Gaia’s potent products.  The back two pages of the ebook, we created a Holiday Gift Guide full of bare-skin beautifying Raw Gaia potions.

Bogdan Oprisan of A Fresh Image accepted the monumental task of designing this intricate 17 page piece.  Our goal was gorgeousness: artsy, Vogue-ish and modern while promoting Raw Gaia’s pro-woman, raw, natural ethic and their world-class skin care line.  This is one to be proud of.


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