The history of SSW

Short and Sweet Writers is the love-child of Lacey’s passion for innovators, problem-solvers,  visionaries, entrepreneurs, and compassionate healers.

She deeply admires people who are willing to put it on the line, take the risk, and jump into starting a business, and she loves putting her writing skills to work to help them succeed.

“I need the name of your company to put on the PO,”  said the owner of an all gluten-free website in 2010.

Lacey was baffled, because giving a name to her freelancing service hadn’t crossed her mind. So she looked down at her feet where her two pups were staring up at her. One of them (Lou) was a shorty and the other super-sweet (Rudy), and so she blurted out

“Short and Sweet Writers!” 

And we’re still writing the history…




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