SSW Helps the Helpers

We received an SOS from Angie Smith and her academic collaborators when their book editor vanished just six weeks before the book was due to the publisher.

SSW to the rescue!

Angie et. al., were writing a book for university professors on how to create, design, and build online learning courses that meet the specific needs of the helping professions (such as social workers and psychologists).

They tasked us with transitioning their academic writing style to a more casual and easy to read voice, edit and proofread, and do whatever it takes to get the manuscript to the publisher on time. Angie, the lead author of the book, also asked that we coach her through writing her assigned chapters.

We got right down to work. It was a mad dash and a lot of fun, and we got the book across the finish line. Check out the book on Amazon. 

What a privilege it was for us to help the helpers!





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